What To Expect When You Take An Injured Stray To The Vet

When you find an injured animal on the side of the road or near your home, your first instinct may be to take the injured animal to the vet. Though this is an act of kindness, you should be prepared for what may happen once you reach the vet. Here are a few things to consider, especially if you will be paying for the bill and adopting the pet yourself.

X-rays for the Animal Surgeon

The first thing you should be prepared for are x-rays. The animal will likely need surgery, but before the animal surgeon takes over, they will need x-rays of the injury. Most emergency veterinarians and some general veterinary clinics will have a radiology department on-site. This allows them to take x-rays, have a radiologist review those x-rays, and then get the findings to the animal surgeon for consultation. You will likely see this on the bill listed simply as radiological services.

Consultation with the Animal Surgeon

After the x-rays have been reviewed, the animal surgeon will likely have a consultation with you regarding the findings. This may be a simple five-minute rundown of what happened, the injuries, and the surgical plan. If the injury is extensive, you may be advised of all your options outside of the surgical alternative. This is where the harder choices may be made regarding costs, on-going treatment, and, in some cases, euthanization.

Surgery and On-going Treatment

Once you have made the choice for surgery, the animal surgeon will get to work. Following the surgery, the animal surgeon may suggest on-going treatments or additional surgeries. This is where you also may find out if the animal has any other issues such as cancer, diabetes, or internal injuries that will need on-going therapy or treatment. Your vet will discuss these issues with you and what options are available to you. Keep in mind further surgeries may be required, and there are some pet insurance companies that may be able to help with costs. 

These may seem like steps that are common, and they are. The problem is that most people do not consider all the steps involved when an stray animal is injured and may not be expecting the lengthy process of getting them back on their feet again. Keep in mind that if you want to help the injured stray, most vets do offer payment plans or some form of assistance to help the injured animal, regardless of their needs. Contact a vet at a location like East  Lake Animal Clinic for more information.

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