Common Household Hazards For Your Child's Pet

Are you the parent of a small child? Are you currently planning to get a puppy or a kitten as a companion for your child? Helping to take care of a pet can be a great experience for a child, helping them to learn responsibility. Unfortunately, cats and dogs aren't all fun and games. As with having a toddler, there are things around your home that could seriously harm a pet. While already having your home childproofed is a good start, there are other dangers that lurk for puppies and kittens. Here are some things that you should be aware of before bringing your new pet home:

Electrical cords: You're probably used to the idea of cords getting yanked out of the wall, but cats and dogs may instead chew on the cords. You may be able to prevent or deter the chewing by spreading a noxious substance, such as spicy chile paste, on your cords. But even if your puppy or kitten doesn't seem interested in any electrical cords right now, it's a good idea to know the location of the nearest office that provides 24 hour emergency vet care for pets. Even mild electrical burns can be dangerous for a young puppy or kitten, and these burns may not always be externally obvious, so you'll want to get your pet checked out right away if you notice that they've been chewing on your electrical cords.

Plants: If you have houseplants, you've probably chosen ones that aren't toxic if your toddler decides to grab a handful and eat an impromptu salad. However, not everything that can be digested by humans is also safe for cats or dogs. For example, tulips and tulip bulbs are edible enough for humans that your child may not get sick from taking a bite or two, which may be all it takes for your kid to decide that eating tulips is a bad idea. On the other hand, puppies or kittens may instead gnaw on the bulbs or even swallow most of one in one gulp. This can result in vomiting, drooling, and other symptoms that can require the support of a 24 hour emergency vet care office. So before letting a 4-legged friend move in, make sure that your houseplants are suitable. 

Toys: Whether talking about toys made specifically for pets or toys for children like plastic army men, toys can be dangerous for your puppy or kitten. An excited cat or dog can easily get excited enough swallow non-food items. While a small piece of a rubber chew toy may or may not be dangerous, things like hard plastic or strings should result in you taking your pet to a 24 hour emergency vet care office as soon as possible. Non-food items can easily perforate your pet's stomach or intestines, potentially resulting in death. As such, they should be surgically removed as soon as possible.

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