It's Time For A Puppy: 3 Steps To Ensure A Happy, Healthy Life With Your New Pup

Puppies can bring a lot of fun and excitement to a home. If you've decided to get your child a puppy as a gift this holiday season, make sure you take the proper steps to ensure a long and healthy relationship between the two of them. With the proper care, your new puppy will be able to grow up right along with your child. Here are three steps you can take to ensure a happy, healthy life with your puppy.

Choose the Right One

When choosing a puppy, it's important that you don't just pick the first one you see. While all puppies are cute, not all puppies are going to be the perfect fit for your family. The first thing you should do is spend a little time with the entire litter. Identify a few that you might want to take home. Next, spend some one-on-one time with each of the puppies you're considering.

Give the puppies a quick temperament test to see how they do. Put each puppy down and walk away to see if it starts to whine. Hold each puppy like a baby to see if it has a problem being touched. Drop your keys on the ground to see if the puppy startles easily. This simple tests will help you choose a puppy that will do well with a young child.

Make Sure It's Vaccinated

Once you've chosen the puppy you're going to take home with you, make sure it receives its first set of puppy vaccinations. These vaccinations will help protect it against diseases that can make your pup seriously ill. To ensure it has a long, healthy life, be sure to schedule an appointment with the vet so that your pup can continue receiving its necessary vaccinations. It's particularly important that your puppy be protected against rabies, distemper, and parvo. Your vet will tell you which other vaccinations your puppy will need.

Get It Spayed or Neutered

As soon as your puppy is old enough, you need to have it spayed or neutered. Reproductive surgery will help keep your puppy healthy. You might not realize this, but spaying or neutering your pup can protect it against different forms of cancer and help prevent it from wandering away from home. Ask your veterinarian when your puppy should be scheduled for reproductive surgery.

Now that you're getting a puppy for your child, be prepared to provide it with the love and attention it will need. The tips provided here will help you choose the right puppy for your family, and give it the healthy head start it will need. Contact a company like Basking Ridge Animal Hospital for more tips.

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